EDAT Services

We here at EDAT like to be helpful.  Getting to know you so we can set up your small business with a Website or Social Media, that is tailored to your needs, or by assisting with any other kind of admin your business needs.


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Virtual and Mobile Administration

We can offer someone who specialises in just what you need. Accounts, data entry, client call back, websites, or social media, or any admin needs. No need to employ.


We can build your website, provide your hosting, or update your existing site

Social Media

Spending too much time on your business pages, or don’t have one? We can help


All that data entry takes time away from your business.  Get someone fast and proficient 

EDAT is a Hebrew word that means community and service.

Why you need to outsource 

All that time doing tedious tasks that could be done must more efficiently by someone else is money you could have been earning. 


Average profit per year


Average invest per year