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Are you busy answering emails, scanning documents, answering phone calls, typing invoices, and not getting much work done.

You try to limit time on emails,but there is always so much to be done it’s overwhelming. When life gets busy, it is common to feel overwhelmed or spiral into procrastination. Maybe you have a great plan, but distractions and other priorities are stealing your time. You can spend heaps of time doing things right, but if you are not doing the right things at the right times, it is simply a waste.


Goal Setting

The most fundamental skill of time management is the ability to use your time to achieve your goals all other tasks are a distraction and should not be on the to-do-list at all.  Each decision should bring you closer to your goals.

Not all goals are business or money related.  Who do you want to be? How to want to feel? What are your relationship goals.  Where to you want to be in life?


Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” – Johann Wolfgan von Goethe

After you have your life goals defined,  you must prioritize the most important work.  You will likely have lots of great ideas that might be good, but you will have to prioritize first.  It has been said “Bad idea’s don’t kill businesses, Too many good ideas kill businesses”
Any idea is a good as it’s execution.  If you try to execute too many ideas, you will likely end up executing none.

Self Evaluation

What are your strengths and weaknesses.  What are your skills set, what part of your business are you best at, that nobody else can do as well as you.  What are the other necessary jobs that still need to be done, but are not your strengths.


Delegate to employees work that is not suited to you.  Contract out work that could move your project forward.  Outsource work that your team is not expert in.  Hire a Virtual Assistant for those small jobs that take too much of everyone’s time.